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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Awek Melayu

I have been trying really hard to rank my blog with the term awek melayu or anything with the word awek and yet it's not doing to well. It does not even rank on google.

I do know that my site is index, but why is it not ranking well. Is it because this blog is new and does not have a PR at all? What is the problem.

Everyone has mention that content is king. If i read anymore post about that I swear I will puke. Is content truly king? Sometimes I truly wonder. If you were to do a quick search on the terms such as awek cantik, awek comel or awek melayu, you'll notice that google search will return a couple of websites. Obviously!!

If you check these websitesout, you'll see just pictures and little or no contents at all. So what is making these websites rank so well on google search? Is it because of the content? Of course not. Maybe it's the pictures alt tags. Check out the alt values and it's blank. So what is making these websites rank so well?

Ok.Let us examine. The term awek melayu if search on google returns 893,000. The search term awek comel on the other hand returns a value of 216,000. Of course this is just an estimate. So why can't I rank well on this terms? I mean I am not a professional blogger and I have manage to rank well on a 2,000,000 search term. Why can't I rank well on this term?

Maybe you might think, of course you are not ranking well because you lack backlinks. Yes, backlinks are the key success to any blogs. Maybe you are right, those blogs must have tons of quality backlinks to thier blog. I then used seoelite to check their backlinks.

You'll be surprise that these blogs does not have too many backlinks and yet they are ranking very well on this uncompetitive niche.

Now here is my dilemma , how do i create backlinks using these anchor text? It's going to be a very challenging. If only i know how to rank well for the term awek melayu.
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