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Friday, July 10, 2009

Awek Comel Awek Cun Melayu Boleh

Do you know what does awek comel mean? Or the term awek cun? If you translate it directly it means pretty chick.

It’s amazing the number of that people have searched for this phrase on the internet. Phrases like melayu boleh which previously mean something, now means racy picture. You must be wondering if I lost my mind. Just try to search on the term and you will be surprise or even shock.

Some of you might be surprise on why I selected these words in my blog URL. Those of you that are familiar with search engine optimization will immediately see the reason for this. I actually wanted something different. I wanted something that stands out from the crowd. In a way when someone visits my blog, I want the URL to be embedded in their subconscious so that they will return time after time.

I have done some research and it’s amazing the number of searches for such terms. I wanted to do a very short experiment and see how I could rank for terms such as awek, awek comel and many more terms. These terms are not as competitive if compared to phrases such as make money online or internet marketing. Those terms have about 100 million of search result.

There are existing blogs out there that have capitalized on this terms. Let’s just say you get 1000 visits per day. Can you imagine how you could start to monopolize on the traffic that you receive?

You could monetize your blog with this amount of traffic. If you were to have a PPC advertisement, someone is bound to click on something. And the good news is that it will generate the necessary money for you. Let’s say an average click is about 0.10 and you get maybe 500 clicks. That is 500 x 0.10 = 50. That’s 50 dollars per day. 50 x 30 = 1500 just for a simple blog. That is a lot of side income for certain people.

If you are interested in earn extra income, you could always sell affiliated product that is related to your niche of course. I am sure that you will definitely make money with this.
The key to a success in any blog is traffic, traffic and traffic. Without traffic any blog is just words on the internet. No one will bother reading it.

Take note that finding the right keyword is not the only way you can increase your blog traffic. You have to pay attention to the SEO of the blog as well. This ensures that the search engine spiders can crawl through your website and rank your pages better. The higher your rank the higher it will be display on google search result.

All right, enough reading for one day. I’ll just have to wait and see the success of this blog. I would strongly suggest you gather a cold beverage sit, back and enjoy the beautiful pictures of awek comel and awek cun.
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